INCS Primary School Programme
Now Accepting Students for the 2022 School Year
For students ages 7 to 12 who follow Malaysia's national school syllabus, INCS is a full-time, private school which specializes in Primary level instruction.

The INCS Primary School provides a positive, learning environment with personalized attention and care. When your child feels happy and safe, then real learning and growth can take hold.

Your family deserves affordable, quality education. INCS is now accepting enrolment for the 2022 school year.
Here is What Your Child Learns at INCS Primary School
1. Utilizing the KSSR (Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Rendah) syllabus as its core, the INCS Primary School Programme offers an enhanced curriculum with essential learning modules including
* Financial Literacy
* Hanyu Shuiping Koshi (HSK) Mandarin language certification
* Advanced English training
* Character-Building programme
* Islamic studies and practice

2. We teach your child to think, ask questions, solve problems and build understanding -- not just memorize answers.

3. Laying the foundation for strong communication skills is a primary goal at INCS. Your child develops practical language skills with attention to correct pronunciation and intonation of Bahasa Melayu, English and Mandarin as they master the essentials of reading, writing and comprehension.

4. We also provide Fardhu Ain & Quran reading instruction so that your child can deepen their study and practice of the Islamic faith.
Learning Never Stops
INCS Primary School Helps Students Stay Ahead of the Curve
Since 2020 and the onset of the pandemic and lockdown, INCS has maintained an effective, high-quality teaching standard. INCS teachers refined their teaching approaches for more effective, online learning which has helped students to stay motivated and focused while encouraging greater student collaboration. As a result, students have been studying together more than before the lockdown.

The most significant milestone reached has been the school's commitment to staying on schedule enabling students to complete their studies which has been especially important for students preparing for the PT3 exams.
INCS Online during the Lockdown
Student Life Comes Alive at INCS Primary School
When school is in session, INCS comes alive with activities and learning. There is no better feeling for a student than the sense of belonging and being cared for which grows strong when students and teachers come together as a community.

INCS teachers are committed to each child's learning and growth and strive to make a positive difference in a young person's life. Besides providing extra help and counselling when needed, INCS teachers work closely with parents so that your family stays well informed of your child's progress and ongoing needs.
Learn at INCS Campus when the Lockdown is Lifted
INCS Primary School Learning Materials
Science, Primary 2
Science, Primary 5
English, Primary 3
Mathematics, Primary 4
Mathematics, Primary 5
Mathematics, Primary 6
Protecting the Children
Maintaining a safe and sanitized environment is fundamental to delivering excellence at INCS. Strict health and safety measures are in place to safeguard the well being and peace of mind of everyone who comes to INCS. These procedures are evaluated and reviewed each year for ongoing effectiveness and improvement.
INCS Primary School is Well Suited for:
  • - Children ages 7 to 12 who follow Malaysia's National School Syllabus.
  • - Young learners who want to study for the 2021/2022 school year.
  • - Students preparing for the PT3 Trial exams.
  • - Parents who are looking for a better learning environment with affordable school fees for their child.
If your child would like to experience the way we teach our students
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What Are Parents Sayings About INCS
I have been staying in the background during a few online classes that my son, Zaid, is attending, and I would like to commend the teachers’ patience & dedication to make the online classes work. I truly appreciate their hard work.
- Mohd Hazreen, father of Zaid (Primary 1)
Excellent remote online learning. Thank You INCS School.
- Puan Azrina, mother of Emir Aryan (Primary 1)
Before enrolling at INCS, Nurin was a bit too serious, quiet and less sociable. Alhamdulillah, the INCS teachers and management have turned Nurin 180 degrees from before. She became more confident, open-minded and more willing to try new things such as singing despite her stage fright.
- Masayunita Binti Mohamad, mother of Nurin (Secondary 4)
and Hanania (Primary 5)
About INCS
INCS strives to deliver high-quality, affordable education which best prepares students for life after graduation. We start with the national curriculum and enhance the core subjects with specialized modules to better equip students for tertiary-level study and life in the 21st Century.

Whether classes are conducted online or onsite at our physical location in Shah Alam, delivering quality education for each student is our highest priority. The proof is found in the experience of our students and the families who have entrusted us with their care.

We invite you to take the first step by entering your name and details in the form below to speak with one of our education consultants. At INCS your child can get the support and attention they need to learn happily and succeed.
About INCS Teachers
All INCS teachers possess a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree and two years of practical, teaching experience.

As part of their preparation for the upcoming school year, our faculty undergoes a rigorous, teacher-training programme. Derived from decades of hands-on instruction and supervision, training sessions focus on improving subject delivery and communication skills, strengthening pastoral care and school culture and upgrading teaching standards.
INCS Teachers are one of the main reasons I come to school everyday. They may have different and unique personalities but they are united in one way: their passion to teach. They have taught me to strive to be better day by day.
- Sachien, student (Secondary 3)
Media Recognition
INCS Is Located at
GL3, Plaza Jelutong, Persiaran Gerbang
Utama, Bukit Jelutong, Seksyen U8,
40150, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Frequently Asked Questions
I am concerned that my daughter will be exposed to the Covid virus when school reopens. I am not comfortable sending her back to school so soon?
We understand your concern. It is natural to want to protect your child from the virus. INCS is prepared to offer instruction both online and on-site when the school is allowed to re-open its doors . Parents will be able to choose whether their child attends class online or in person.
My husband and I are not sure. We are just looking right now.
We are pleased that you found us online and took the time to look over the information presented here. When you are ready to find out more, we encourage you to come visit us at our location in Shah Alam. You will get an actual feeling for the school. You will be able to observe classes in session, and your child can decide if they like the school.

We also offer a Free trial class so that your child can join in and see if INCS will work for them.
What are the school fees are?
There are several options parent have to choose from which will affect the amount of school fees due. As a general reference, school fees are approximately MYR 1,000.00 each month.
Do you offer Scholarships?
Full academic scholarships available to straight A students who have recently completed PT3 examinations. Up to 50% scholarships are available. Limited to 50 students only. Terms and conditions apply. Contact our one of our educational consultant for further details.
What is the capacity of a classroom?
Classrooms are maintained at no more than 25 students.
Are there additional tutorials provided?
We have extra coaching for languages and any other subject students require help with. Afterschool mentoring is available from 2:45 to 3:45 pm
If your child would like to experience the way we teach our students
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